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5 Audiovisual Innovators That Will Inspire You

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No matter your AV role, sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Keeping updated on bleeding edge audio visual innovators is one way to feel that spark.

In a discussion of what innovation meant as a term for the AV industry, two definitions of what the buzzword meant as a process arose. One was of how an organization can reimagine the way that it works with technology’s help, bringing about a widespread business change. The second was about the creation of new technology.  

Both kinds of innovation are the core of the AV industry. More so than other industries innovation is key to its professionals, like you, for ensuring that all new technologies can be integrated smoothly.  

With all that in mind, read on for five audio visual innovators that will inspire you.

1. AVIXA (formerly InfoComm)

They recently changed their name from InfoComm to AVIXA, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are one of the oldest companies in the industry. The company formerly known as InfoComm is known for being a global trade association for AV and information communication industries. Since 1939 to the present, this company has focused on serving these industries via specialized education, resources on AV standards and research, and offering local and international trade shows.

Of these three focus areas, certification programs for technicians and programmers shine the brightest. They’re most recent innovation is of the first order mentioned above, affecting fundamental business change through their online installation microcredentials program. Installation microcredentials give new technicians access to entry level certifications and offer digital badges that give clients a way to verify practical experience at a glance!

2. Crestron

Crestron has been in the business for over 40 years and every step of the way they’ve been innovating technologies that make integrating AV systems easier. They’re audiovisual innovators in advanced solutions for control and automation for AV systems, like touchscreens and video walls. Because of the trend towards AV driven architecture design, Crestron has quickly become a must-have for technician resumes.

In the past, AV systems were often implemented in a retrofitted manner. Crestron is one of the companies that has streamlined AV to the point of getting rid of clunky control panels.

3. Kramer

Kramer is another example of how AV innovation is about successful technology convergence. At this year’s InfoComm trade show, Kramer emphasized its twofold strategy of considering AV over IT, a.k.a. AV over internet protocol (IP). They want AV companies to realize that AV and IT are inseparable now when planning for integration.

Kramer is offering education about AV over IT through their planned launch of Kramer Academy, which will target both partners and customers. The company is known for its IP-based signal switching, as well as digital distribution and management products and software solutions (which include cloud technology).

4. Lectrosonics

Lectrosonics is a younger company than those mentioned so far, having launched in 1971, but that doesn’t lessen its impact by a longshot. While the company has innovated for both audio and visual products and solutions, it’s best known for its audio with its wireless microphones and internet for business (IFB) technology.

Lectrosonics has worked in the feature film and TV industries since the 1990s and they are also a go-to solution for top-notch audio quality in theatre productions and concerts.

5. Oblong

Oblong stands as an example of the future of AV integration. Their company is responsible for the kinds of interactive computer displays that we see in movies in like Minority Report and Iron Man. What’s more, their Mezzanine system is all about how humans can naturally interface with technology in their daily life.

OK, I’m Inspired, Now What?

AV professionals, if you want to know how to get steady work, you must stay on top of what the leaders of your field are up to. Not only will watching innovators galvanize you to do your best, it will give you a good idea of what skills to develop.