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Search for the perfect AV professional or post a job and we will instantly match you with qualified candidates.

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Browse thousands of profiles, review ratings, experiences, and AV industry certifications.

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Contact each person directly through our convenient messaging tool so you can feel confident that they can get the job done.

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Build a centralized roster of your go-to AV pros by adding them as favorites so they are easily accessible for future projects.

How You Benefit

AV Companies

Get instant access to pre-vetted AV professionals globally.

Expand your network of AV professionals so you are prepared for any job in any location.

Find AV Pros with these skills.

  • Installers
  • Programmers
  • Service Techs
  • Design Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Stage Hands
  • Video Leads - V1
  • Audio Leads - A1
  • Projectionists
  • Camera Operators
AV Professionals

Get more work by having instant access to hiring
AV companies that need your skills now for contract or full-time work.

Get the benefits of an agent for free. Take home everything your earn.

Market yourself and showcase your skills to an AV specific audience with a dedicated profile page.

Simplify the process. Focus less time searching for jobs and making connections in the AV industry.

Find AV Work from these types of companies.

  • Commercial System Integrator's
  • Residential System Integrator's
  • Live Event and Production
  • Rental & Staging
  • Manufacturers
  • Universities & Colleges

Our AV Pros

Richard P.
AV Systems Integrator
Kronenwetter, WI
Tony P
Live Events Pro
Toronto, ON
Michael S.
AV Systems Integrator
San Diego, CA
Omar R
Crestron Programmer
Coral Garedens, FL
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Our Mission

To make it easier for AV companies to find, hire and manage AV professionals and provide AV professionals with more employment opportunities.

AV Experience

15 plus years of hands-on operational experience at a leading audiovisual company, the founders of the AV Junction know a thing or two about implementing projects and sourcing the best techs for the job.

Efficient marketplace

We offer companies online, on-demand access to a growing database of AV Professionals. Search or post jobs and connect directly with the professionals you depend on most to get your projects complete.

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