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Here’s How BrightSign’s AV Training Can Help Freelancers Land More Jobs

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BrightSign is a global leader in the digital signage media field. It’s a young company, founded in 2002 by the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR). This should offer a glimpse as to how technological innovative BrightSign is. To be more specific about the technology’s advantage, BrightSign specializes in digital signage media players that don’t require a PC to work.

The company has big-league clients like Estee Lauder, Starbucks, and even CNBC Studios.

Freelancers able to boast an installation skillset in BrightSign software and hardware would be able to boost their job profile visibility. Freelancers of all skill levels in today’s gig economy must always seek to expand their skillsets to stay competitive.

BrightSign offers a free series of tutorial videos on its website that meticulously covers beginner to advanced skills. Such a comprehensive online course isn’t often so accessible in AV training. Read on to find out more about this unique opportunity that can help freelancers land more jobs.

Set Your Own Pace for Learning

One of the greatest strengths of BrightSign’s AV training is that it’s broken up into major sections—from basic all the way to advanced training. The company’s also broken down these sections into visible subsections so that freelancers can dive into whatever segments they specifically need.

With self-paced AV training, freelancers of all skill levels can customize their learning experience to suit their needs. And for those new freelancers who want to learn BrightSign’s technology inside and out, they can put themselves through the entire course.

Often, online AV training courses focus on intermediate to advanced technicians, which is why programs like BrightSign’s and Avixa’s entry-level Install Microcredentials are major developments.

Accessible World-Class AV Training

Freelancers, especially new freelancers, might avoid training because it’s too costly for them to consider. Even Install Microcredentials, while affordably priced, are still an expense that freelancers might not be able to readily recuperate when they’re trying to break into the AV market. And considering how competitive the gig economy is becoming, new freelancers need to be choosy about where they invest time and money.

With BrightSign’s course, new freelancers have a win-win situation on their hands. Freelancers can access the tutorial videos, which are only four to seven minutes or less in length, for free. And once they’ve completed the course, they’ll have skills in installing and creating presentations with leading technology!

Demonstrating Cutting-Edge Skills

BrightSign’s course ends with tutorials on how to create advanced, interactive presentations with BrightAuthor software. Freelancers who complete their AV training will be able to offer concrete proof of their training if queried by potential clients.

Freelancers who can effectively showcase their skills land more jobs than those who simply state what they can do on their job profiles. Being able to display the badges of completion is great because AV companies know that part of completing the program includes hands-on training that had to be approved by course instructors. Being able to demonstrate you can implement what you’ve learned about global leading technology puts freelancers miles ahead of their competitors.

Self-paced online training courses like BrightSign’s are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. Its training offers freelancers the chance to upgrade their skills and gives them the ability to produce a sample of their work with cutting-edge signage technology. Clients are looking for freelancers who can show proof of what they say they can do on their profiles.

In short, freelancers who put in the effort with BrightSign’s training will take one giant leap forward toward steady work.