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Here’s How Biamp AV Training Can Boost Your Freelance Offerings

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Freelancers know how important it is to promote their skills in order to land more project opportunities.

Expanding your offerings for clients, however, is just as important. The more knowledge you can contribute to AV system design and implementation, the more valuable you become as a candidate. AV technology is evolving at a rapid rate, so it never hurts to update your AV training for the sake of keeping up with industry developments.

Keeping all that in mind, taking part in Biamp AV training is a great way for you to boost your freelance skillset and offerings. Biamp is known for its world-renowned audio hardware and software, which is used for AV solutions in all kinds of industries from business to transportation. Being able to display Biamp certifications can make your online job profile significantly more impressive.

Want to know more about the perks of Biamp AV training? Check them out below.

Biamp Certifications Are Self-Guided

Unlike some skill-building programs that are relentlessly paced with rigid scheduling, Biamp courses are built on the premise of self-guidance. As a freelancer, your schedule can fluctuate from week to week, prohibiting you from dedicating specific blocks of time to a program.

Biamp’s certification program is modelled similarly to Avixa’s (formerly InfoComm) install microcredentials. It’s conducted through a series of online videos. You must watch the videos in a session and then complete a comprehension test. These comprehension tests are given throughout Biamp’s curriculum to help reinforce the skills you’re learning.

Freelancers can update their certifications at a pace that suits their current work schedules. You don’t have to turn down job offers to make time for AV training. Since Biamp’s courses are online, freelancers can access their training sessions anywhere and at any time.

AV Training That Doesn’t Break the Bank

The gig economy is a boon to freelancers, but it can be unpredictable at times. Slow seasons occur in the AV industry just as they do in other industries. When they occur, even go-to freelancers can be affected financially, which is why freelancers might view specialized training courses as an extra expense to worry about.

The beauty of Biamp AV training is that it comes at no cost to you. No, you didn’t misread that last sentence. To start your online training program, you only need to contact the Biamp regional manager for your area. This regional manager will review your training request. When it’s approved, you’ll be sent an e-mail with login credentials.

After that, it’s a simple matter of logging onto the training.biamp.com site to begin training. You’ll be able to upgrade your skillset without having to drain your bank account. No-cost training also promotes accessibility of the program to both new and experienced freelancers.

Earn Renewals for Other Industry Certifications

If you hold an Avixa Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification, then upgrading your audio hardware and software skills with Biamp earns you renewal units (RUs). If your CTS certification has since expired, this feature of Biamp training helps speed up Avixa’s renewal process considerably. In short, training for Biamp can earn you multiple certifications at once!

Earning new certifications can be time consuming and costly, but Biamp’s online training program seeks to remedy that situation. Freelancers at all skill levels can access it and earn sought-after certification for audio hardware and software, such as TesiraFORTE (a standard for enterprise solutions), Tesira Server/Server-IO Training (networked media systems), and Vocia (paging and voice evacuation platforms), to name just a few.

Displaying these industry-standard certifications on your job profile will show potential clients that you are not only skilled but devoted to staying ahead of the curve in the AV business. Biamp online training is one great step freelancers can take to ensure they get steady work all year long.