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AV Job Seekers: 3 Reasons You’re Struggling to Get Work

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AV job seekers, don’t despair! Sometimes when your freelance career is slow going, all it takes is a bit of evaluation of your current circumstances to correct the situation. Yes, the gig economy can be both beneficial and unpredictable (often at the same time) for technicians like you, but it doesn’t have to always be a struggle.

Whether you’re a veteran who’s suddenly found himself out of work in the industry or a newcomer having trouble breaking in, we have good news for you. In most instances, there are three key reasons why you’re struggling to get work. Read on to find out what they are and how you can improve your job-seeking situation.

1. Your Certifications and Skills Aren’t up to Date

Believe it or not, this point affects both industry vets and newbies alike. AV is always moving at a fast pace and technologies are evolving all the time, which is why your certifications and skills aren’t one-and-done training affairs. To keep a competitive edge, you’ll need to both gain new certifications and renew certifications you might already hold (like AVIXA’s CTS certification).

That might sound like a drag, especially for new AV job seekers who might not have a lot to invest in their business at present. Luckily, leading AV manufacturers recognize that AV freelancers need accessible and flexible training, so they offer a variety of online and in-person programs that fit the bill. Some of the manufacturers offering flexible training include:

  • AVIXA (whose installation “microcredentials” are aimed at entry-level technicians)
  • Crestron
  • Extron
  • Bright Sign
  • Biamp

Online training often includes instructor-led video courses and libraries of resources, and it can help you earn renewal units (RUs) towards AVIXA certifications.

2. You Aren’t Showcasing Your Certifications Enough Online

This is a particularly significant reason why you might not be getting enough attention from buyers. This reason is also twofold, involving not just showcasing your certifications in general, but where you showcase them as well.

Active job seekers spend a lot of time and effort to earn those certifications. To hook the attention of buyers, you need to show them that you’re more than qualified for the job opportunities they have on offer. Take the time to upload and showcase your certifications and watch the interest in your online profile go up! Some certifications you earn will give you easy-to-spot digital badges, which you should place not just on your profile but in your e-mail signature as well.

But where you post your job profile is half the battle. This is the second half of the reason you might still not be connecting with buyers online. While posting to an online job platform is a good step, posting to an AV freelancing platform is even better for your visibility.

When you have a profile on an AV-specific platform, you’re targeting an interested audience looking to connect with AV job seekers of all skill levels.

3. You’ve Been Unfairly Blamed for Poor Performance

Lastly, your reputation is everything to the sustainability of your brand as an AV freelancer. If your reputation has taken a hit, it can affect your ability to network and get steady work. Often, when you take on a job with a less-than-scrupulous AV company, they will try to blame poor performance on you if they didn’t send you the necessary documentation or provide the right tools for the job.

The good thing is there are many ways to prevent being unfairly blamed, including making it your best practice to always enter a thorough work order contract with every company you work with. AV-specific platforms also have tools to help with ongoing communication, invoicing, and mutual ratings to keep working relationships healthy and accountable at all stages.

Are any of these three factors affecting your job-seeking situation? Hopefully, we’ve provided solid solutions to get you back on track!