Simplify and streamline the hiring and management of independent AV contractors

AV Junction is pleased to offer software licensing of its AV contractor marketplace—an investment that will drive down direct labor costs and improve operational and project management efficiency. With consolidated information at your fingertips, you will instantly make more informed decisions, improve customer service, and grow your business while boosting your bottom line.

Along with the standard features of AV Junction, licensees will also get additional key benefits.

  • Invite independent contractors or service providers to a private database exclusive to your company.
    • Centralized contractor management system for your entire organization.
    • Simplify, consolidate, and regulate the process of hiring, managing, and paying independent AV professionals.
  • Customize software with your logo, brand colours, and unique URL.
    • Increase brand awareness and be recognized easily by users inside your organization and across your private network of AV contractors.
  • Set company-wide user permissions and administrator levels.
    • Increase control and visibility of projects and hiring details.
    • Increase transparency of quote negotiation and work order creation to maintain job performance standards.
  • Access AV Junction’s public database of independent AV contractors around the world.
    • Browse our growing public network and hire resources in unfamiliar locations.
  • Maintain historical hiring records.
    • Dramatically increase efficiency and reduce employee turnover.
    • No more guessing with all verified service providers in one centralized database.

Take control of your hiring and management processes with AV Junction.

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