How-To Guide: AV Freelancer

Search for Jobs

It’s easy to find work on AV Junction! Click on the “Search for Jobs” link on the main nav. Then, simply type in the job function and skills. Don't forget to enter a location to get the best results. From there, a list of available jobs will display. New job postings are created every day, so be sure to check back regularly to ensure you don't miss out.

Submitting Quotes & Negotiating

If you see a job posting that interests you, click on the job to read further details. AV Junction has made submitting quotes and negotiating very easy. If you want to quote on a job, click on “Apply” in the job details view. You can submit either a fixed price, hourly rate, or day rate quote for your services. Don't forget to include a message and, if you need to attach a document with more detail, you can do that also!

Accepting Work Orders

AV Junction provides work orders for every successful hire. If the AV company accepts your quote, you will be notified. It is then the responsibility of the AV company to create the work order and send it for your review. Work orders are extremely important and help create a baseline and structure to improve the working relationship between both parties. The information you will find in the work order includes:

  • Job details (including scope of work)
  • Payment type and rate (hourly, daily, fixed)
  • Estimated start and end dates
  • Reporting requirements

Carefully read the work order and ensure everything is in order. If you are in agreement with everything, press the “Accept” button. If you decline a work order, you must leave a message as to why. This might be for a modification in which you should submit the request via the messaging. The AV company can then update the work order to re-submit for approval.

Submitting Progress Updates

Use the “Progress” tab inside the job to provide updates to the AV company. You can post messages and attach pictures. If in your work order you are required to check in, that can be done here. Just press “Check In” and a message will be sent to the AV company alerting them that you are on site. Providing progress updates not only gives the AV company an update on the status of the project so they can report to the end user, but it also acts as an audit log in case of any payment disputes.


It is up to you, the freelancer, to produce an invoice for the AV company. All invoices are triggered manually by the freelancer by a simple click of a button.

AV Junction makes receiving payments easy and secure. Whether you have a fixed or variable work order, you can request a payment from the company at anytime per the agreed upon rates.

For fixed priced work orders the payment schedule can be found below in the payments tab. Once a milestone has been completed click on the request payment button.

For hourly or daily work orders click on the create payment button to create and send an invoice to the company. 

Receiving Payments

Payments are made when the invoice has been approved by the AV company. Once approved, the payment will be automatically transferred to your connected bank account. That was easy!

Managing Disputes

If, in the unlikely event that disputes happen regarding the work performed and/or payments, it is the responsibility of the AV company and freelancer to come to a resolution. Any disputes between AV companies and freelancers shall be governed by the contract entered into between the AV company and freelancer.

For more detailed information, please visit our Terms of Service.

Leaving Ratings and Reviews

After each job, you are asked to rate and review your experience with the AV company. It is important that these reviews are an accurate reflection of your experience working with said AV company. These ratings and reviews help build an audio visual community of trust and fairness, as well as ensure quality standards are upheld.