How-To Guide: AV Company

Create Job Postings

Hiring the right AV freelancer for your next short-term AV project starts with creating a job posting. On the main nav, click “Job Postings” and you will be taken to the job posting dashboard. This is the hub where you can track and manage many jobs in their various states. Click on “Post a New Job” and you will be asked to enter more detail about the work that needs to be done.

You can enter your internal project reference number here and associate more than one job posting to a project. For example, if you need an installation technician and a programmer, you will want to create two separate job postings.

You can enter in a budget, which can be set to public or private. This budget number will come in handy when negotiating. You will be able to quickly see if the quotes you receive are either under or above.

You can select your preferred pay type: fixed, hourly, or day rate.

A job summary and scope of work are very important as well. Job summary is required and should be a short description of what you are looking for. The scope of work section should provide much more detail on the job. If you have an existing scope of work, you can simply attach it. The scope of work can be made public or be kept private so only freelancers you choose can review it. If you have freelancers quoting, you should provide them with access to the scope of work document to receive the most accurate quotes.

If you are happy with all of the information in the job posting, you can publish it right away. If you want to come back at a later time, just select the “Save Draft” button. 

Search for AV Freelancers

It’s easy to find the right AV freelancer on AV Junction. Click on the “Search for Freelancers’’ link on the main nav. Then simply type in the job function and skills you are looking for. Don't forget to enter a location to get the best results. From there, a list of freelancers will display. Click on a freelancer to go to their profile to find out more about them.

Inviting Applicants

If you come across a freelancer you’d like to invite to quote on a current job posting, simply click on the “Invite to Quote” button on their profile. From there, you can select which job posting you would like to invite them to. If you aren't ready to invite them just yet, you can favorite them. They will then be easily accessible under the “My Freelancers” tab.

Receiving Quotes

Once you have published your job posting, you are now ready to receive quotes. Through the job posting dashboard, click on the job posting you would like to see. Then click on “Applicants.” In this section, you will be able to manage the quotes you receive and negotiate with the freelancers. Everything is clearly laid out so you can make the best possible hire.

Producing Work Orders

AV Junction provides work orders for every successful hire. After you and the freelancer have successfully come to an agreement on price, click “Create work order.” It is the responsibility of the AV company to create the work order. Don’t worry, we make it very easy! Work orders are extremely important and help create a baseline and structure to improve the working relationship between both parties. The information you will find in the work order includes:

  • Job details (including scope of work)
  • Select between Hourly, Daily or Fixed Price payment types
  • If fixed price you can set milestones
  • Estimated start and end dates
  • Reporting requirements
  • Add any addendums (attach your company policy here)

Once you are happy with the work order, send it over to the freelancer for review. The freelancer can accept or decline with comments. The AV company “owns” the work order so modifications to the work order need to be completed by the AV company.

AV Junction has made a template work order available for your use to be used at your discretion. If you would like to opt out of using this, check the option inside the work order section.

Receiving Progress Updates

Congratulations on making the hire! Now it’s time to get to work. AV Junction has made it super easy to get updates from your freelancer. Click on the “Progress” tab within the job. Here you can send and receive messages and pictures. You will also be able to track onsite attendance using our check-in tool. If agreed upon in the work order, the freelancer can “Check In” when they arrive on site, giving you the peace of mind that they are there. A message appears in the Progress section.

Reviewing invoices

Freelancers invoice AV companies for work performed.  All invoices are triggered by the freelancer and you will be notified when a new invoice arrives. It is then your job to review the invoices per the terms agreed in the work order. All of this can be done in the Payment section of the platform.

In your Payments tab, you will see all of the invoices received and the status of them. Check the progress tab to ensure that the work has been completed. 

Making Payments

All payment actions can be made in our Payments section. AV Junction makes paying your freelancers easy and secure. Choose to pay using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. (ACH for US Companies is coming soon!)

For fixed priced work orders a payment schedule is created based on milestones. When those milestones are completed your freelancer will request payment.

For hourly or daily work orders an invoice is created by the freelancer and sent to you for payment.

For further details on payouts, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Managing Disputes

If, in the unlikely event disputes occur regarding the work performed and/or payments, it is the responsibility of the AV company and freelancer to come to a resolution. Any disputes between AV companies and freelancers shall be governed by the contract entered into between the AV company and freelancer.

For more detailed information, please visit our Terms of Service.

Leaving Ratings and Reviews

After each job, you are asked to rate and review your experience with the AV freelancer. It’s important that these reviews are an accurate reflection of your experience working with said AV freelancer. These ratings and reviews help build an audio visual community of trust and fairness, as well as ensure quality standards are upheld.