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Freelance-AV-Technicians-How-to-Get-Steady-Work.pngIn today’s increasingly digital world, communication is key. What’s more, communication is continuously growing and evolving. The demand for high quality, engaging audiovisual solutions is increasing across all professional industries. This is good news for freelance AV technicians, whose innovation, flexibility, and efficiency are prized along with their specialized skillset.

When people think of audio/visual services, what comes to mind might not cover the entire scope of what AV technicians actually do. AV solutions are integral to corporate environments, institutional settings, government operations, and more. To stay relevant and gain an edge in a competitive economy, all types of companies readily acknowledge the need to for innovative communication and engaging branding. This means there’s a significant demand for updated AV equipment, high quality installation and maintenance services, and for reliable, skilled freelance technicians.

So life should be good for technicians in the AV field, right? Yes—however, audiovisual technicians face particular professional challenges when working freelance.

In this whitepaper we take a look at:

  • The specific challenges facing freelance AV technicians
  • Understanding why those challenges exist and how they impede finding steady work
  • Strategies to overcome these challenges and thrive as a freelancer

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how to secure steady work as a freelance AV technician.

Freelance AV Technicians: How to Get Steady Work