What if I am a service provider, can I sign up?

We recognize that some freelancers work together in teams or as companies. If this is the case, ensure you select “Service Provider” in the dropdown menu on your profile. Then you will be asked to select the approximate number of technicians you have available.

Is AV Junction an employment agency or staffing company?

AV Junction is not an employment agency nor a staffing company. We are a freelancing platform that helps AV companies and freelancers connect, making it easy to find, hire, manage, and pay freelancers.

Do I have to pay anything to get registered as an AV Company?

It is free to sign up and register. AV Junction is offering a $0 subscription fee for early adopters of the marketplace. A monthly subscription fee will be applied once this beta period has expired.

Do I have to pay anything to get registered as an AV Freelancer?

If you sign up as an AV freelancer, it is completely free until you get hired. AV Junction takes a fee off of the total contract amount.

What does it cost?

AV companies pay a 3.9% transaction fee for each payment made to a hired freelancer.

AV freelancers pay a 6% transaction fee for each  payment received from a hiring company.

Does AV Junction cover insurance or workers comp?

AV Junction does not cover insurance or workers comp. The freelancers, at their sole cost and expense, should maintain appropriate insurance.

What if I see a freelancer and want to bookmark them for later?

If you find a freelancer you think might be ideal for a project in the future, you can “Favorite” them.

Are profiles public?

Yes, profiles are public on the platform.