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Posted by: Paul Weatherhead



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The digital age has been a boon to the AV industry, especially for those running audio visual installation companies. Digital transformation is just a fact of life at this point, not just a “one-and-done” process. If you’re the head of one of these audio visual installation companies, now’s an exciting time with many opportunities to expand.

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Of course, you might be one of the newer audio visual installation companies out there, as well. If that’s the case, you’re probably more preoccupied with how you can assure a successful launch of your business. There are hundreds of AV companies out there, after all—how can you stand apart from your competition? That’s the question we’re here to answer for you today, and to be honest, the solution is simpler than you might think.

Avoid Slow Seasons Altogether

“Easier said than done” you might be thinking, but avoiding slow seasons is possible. Having access to a steady stream of top talent is the key. When you can consistently partner with reputable AV installation technicians, you’ll be capable of offering your installation services year-round. This objective isn’t just wishful thinking either, since there’s now an AV-specific freelancing platform available for your company to take full advantage of.

Such a platform is focused on harnessing the power of the gig economy, which is heralded as the new normal for many job markets. Similar to platforms like Uber, an AV freelancing platform offers a mutual ratings system that helps match the right audio visual installation companies with the right AV installation technicians. You can hire locally and for international projects as well.

Your company should never be at the mercy of whether your go-to team of technicians is available or not. The best way to keep your business running at a competitive pace is to have the right resources to plan ahead to avoid slow seasons.

Diversify Your Installation Services

Just as the technology that underpins AV services becomes more diverse, so should your company strive to diversify its installation services as well. You will likely perform multiple short-term installations for corporate companies or organizations looking to update their announcement systems or their meeting-room displays. Yet, as 2017 has shown, there are other fast-growing markets your company could penetrate.

Home theatre is one particular example of the need for diverse installation services. There’s going to be a “silver tsunami” of potentially 55 million baby boomers entering the home theatre market by 2020. Many baby boomers are choosing to make their homes amenable for aging in place instead of opting to move into assisted care, meaning your AV company has a huge demographic it could reach out to.

As well, there are specific types of technology such as LED and digital signage that your company will find are in demand more often moving forward. Success is assured to AV companies that don’t just offer the same old services for systems and live events that many others do.

Have the Right Administration Tools

Your company must have a proficient set of administration tools for success. Without proper tools for creating work orders and invoices, and receiving regular updates and communication from your AV freelance technicians, your brand’s reputation could suffer.

AV freelancing platforms come with a host of admin tools to streamline the paperwork and communication processes of working with multiple freelance technicians. Always keep in mind that the key to successful AV projects is having a professional framework for hiring AV technicians.

Your AV company is sure to find success in 2018 if it’s diligent about offering top-quality talent and unique services.


Paul Weatherhead

Paul Weatherhead

Prior to founding AV Junction Inc., Paul worked for a tier one AV systems integrator in an operational management capacity for 10 years. His knowledge and experience have helped him oversee hundreds of system integration projects in a variety of industries. Paul’s leadership skills as matched by his sense of humour and easygoing nature. When he’s not at work, you can find him outdoors, exploring new places or spending time with family and friends.

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