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Posted by: Paul Weatherhead



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When it comes to starting off as an AV freelancer, you might find that you’re in the awful situation of needing practical work experience to land projects, but not having access to projects that give you said practical experience. And while any job search is bound to take some front-end work to drum up a few relevant AV projects for you add to your resume, it’s easier said than done to find steady work in one field.

The equation to finding AV-specific projects as a freelancer might not be as complex as it first appears, however. There’s now an AV website that has an industry-specific marketplace for buyers and sellers. But when you’ve put in many hours into scouring job sites beforehand, it’s only natural you might ask: how does another job board help?

Read on to find out how an AV freelancer platform could be the key to unlock a steady workflow as a freelancer.

Capture an Industry-Specific Audience’s Attention

Right off the bat you’re at an advantage when you set up a profile on an AV website that serves as an AV freelancer platform, because you have captivated your audience. And not just any audience, but the one that matters most. By having a profile on an AV industry marketplace you’re making yourself visible to companies who are looking for freelancers of all levels.

When you list your certifications and relevant experience, there’s many potential clients out there who will notice. And even if you don’t have many certifications from the get-go, there’s bound to be a few job postings where onboard training by veterans on the job is offered.

But these days there’s programs like online certifications available for those who need entry-level, hands-on experience to get them started. Whenever you complete this online training, you’ll earn digital badges that act as one-look verification of practical experience.

Access to Many Short-Term Postings

The trouble with traditional job sites is that their broad scope is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, you’ll have access to pretty much any company out there that may need a freelance technician, but you’ll also run the risk of sinking a lot of time and effort into finding those job postings. Not all companies’ keyword optimization game is up to snuff and as a result, you could spend days trying to locate relevant job postings only to find they’ve been snatched up when you do stumble upon them.

An AV website that offers an AV freelancer platform has the advantage of gathering all current industry postings in one place for your immediate perusal. Amongst these job postings you can find both long-term and short-term projects. And for a new freelance technician, the best option for finding steady work is a platform that allows you to apply to multiple short-term projects.

Become a Freelance All-Star

One of the most important aspects of establishing yourself as an AV freelancer is proving your reputation. Companies want to hire freelancers who possess the top traits of field, such as clear and regular communication and excellent organization. For every job you garner through an AV job marketplace, a work contract with milestone deliverables and payment terms is generated.

When you complete your work contracts, you and the client will rate each other’s services and treatment. If you were diligent and completed the work to the order, your rating will soon climb, making your profile on the network even more visible. This rating will act as another badge (perhaps alongside you microcredential ones) of practical experience.

AV websites with an AV freelancer platform are about zeroing in on the industry and giving you many chances to find not just steady work but reliable work. To keep finding jobs that are worthwhile endeavours, you need to build relationships in the industry. An AV freelancer platform gives you the chance to keep the AV relationship alive, which ultimately connects you to multiple opportunities.


Paul Weatherhead

Paul Weatherhead

Prior to founding AV Junction Inc., Paul worked for a tier one AV systems integrator in an operational management capacity for 10 years. His knowledge and experience have helped him oversee hundreds of system integration projects in a variety of industries. Paul’s leadership skills as matched by his sense of humour and easygoing nature. When he’s not at work, you can find him outdoors, exploring new places or spending time with family and friends.

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