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Posted by: Paul Weatherhead



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Starting out as an AV freelancer can seem dicey. You need to ensure that you can drum up enough clients to find steady work, and the only way you’re going to manage that as a newbie is if you’re able to promote your skills. New AV freelancers in fact should get used to the idea that for the first while before you build up a decent work history, your “must-haves” are going to determine how saleable you are as a technician.

But luckily for you promoting your skills is becoming easier as companies recognize their ongoing need for AV freelancers. That’s why we have gathered the following five methods that you can consider for how to effectively promote your skills!

1. Hit Social Media

This one might seem like a no-brainer, especially for tech-savvy AV freelancers. But the importance of social media as a brand promoting tool can’t be overstated in this digital age. AV companies are finding that branding themselves is just as important, meaning many of your potential clients are on social media trying to attract your services!

There are many ways for you to promote your skills, but one of them is simply communicating with other industry professionals and keeping up on the latest news in your sector. Demonstrate your technical knowledge through your Twitter and your business Facebook page.

2. Get a Profile Set Up on an AV Freelance Platform

Whether you have practical experience or not, or are a recent grad looking to get started, AV freelancers should plan to set up a profile on an industry-specific platform. AV freelance platforms have the advantage of having a laser-focused audience of companies that are searching for technicians of all skill levels.

Set up on such a platform only takes minutes, especially if you’re just starting out, and you can gain access to multiple short-term job postings that can get you practical experience. Not to mention that for every short-term project you complete, you’ll gain a work history and network of professional contacts who can vouch for your skills.

3. Display Your Certifications

If you have any relevant certifications to your specialization as a freelance technician, don’t neglect to display them on your job profile. Certifications aren’t a breeze to obtain; why would you want all that time and effort go unnoticed as you leave your certificates languishing in your office somewhere?

And with an easy upload function on AV freelance marketplaces, it only takes a few extra minutes to upload those official documents that promote your skills better than just claims on your traditional resume can.

Install microcredentials is another way to go as well if you are an entry-level technician. The program offers digital badges that enable you to visually promote your skills in a way that can be displayed your job profile and also in places like your e-mail signature. Employers will be able to look at these badges and know right away you have essential skills like terminating cable and mounting equipment properly.

4. Create and Share AV Content

Don’t forget that one way you can promote your skills is to demonstrate them. This promotion technique goes in hand well with your social media strategy. To accompany your theoretical knowledge of all things tech, create tutorial podcasts with impeccable audio levels and high-quality videos to both educate and show off your know-how.

5. Set Up a Table at Tradeshows and AV Conferences

If you’re confident enough in your skills that you can show them off in person in the form of exhibits at tradeshows and AV conferences. The rates are reasonable and you’ll be able to prove in-person and on the spot that you can do what you claim on your job profile!

Always remember when you’re promoting your skills that you’re in a hands-on industry!


Paul Weatherhead

Paul Weatherhead

Prior to founding AV Junction Inc., Paul worked for a tier one AV systems integrator in an operational management capacity for 10 years. His knowledge and experience have helped him oversee hundreds of system integration projects in a variety of industries. Paul’s leadership skills as matched by his sense of humour and easygoing nature. When he’s not at work, you can find him outdoors, exploring new places or spending time with family and friends.

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