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Posted by: Paul Weatherhead



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We’re sure you’re probably well aware of how digital transformation is keeping business booming for audio visual installation companies like yours. Gartner released an accurate set of 2018 predictions known as “The Intelligent Digital Mesh” – an apt metaphor for how intertwined people, devices, content, and services are becoming.

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One place that this “mesh” is most apparent is in the company boardroom. Clients that want to showcase their innovative nature will want to have an effective set of boardroom solutions. The boardroom is also one area that can directly impact productivity if a client’s AV system is outdated. Today’s global market demands frequent video conferences and large-scale presentations.

So, what must-have components should audio visual installation companies be capable of providing clients? Read below for our top five recommendations.

1. 4K TV

At the very least, your clients should have a high-performance solution for their visuals in the boardroom. Audio visual installation companies should recommend 4K resolution TVs for two major reasons.

First, most of your clients these days will be hosting video conferences with their global partners and stakeholders. Second, although they might not always need 4K resolution, it’s better to have the option whenever the need does arise. This resolution is fast becoming a standard as well, with CEDIA 2017 having revealed a trend towards accessible 4K technology.

Recommend clients have their 4K TVs properly mounted flush against a wall. While there won’t be easy access to HDMI ports, many boardrooms are trending towards wireless presentation solutions these days.

2. Projector

Depending on how many people generally attend your client’s meetings, they might need a projector to create a video presentation wall, rather than a smaller 4K display. If your client regularly has 20 or more people in the boardroom, a projector is definitely the right solution.

While clients should still have projectors installed with greater brightness (lumens), the ability to operate in dark or lit rooms, and portability, they could get away with installing low-end projectors. In fact, 4K resolution projectors aren’t as much a norm as 4K TVs are—yet.

3. Video Conference Solutions

In today’s modern world, meetings can take place with clients and employees from all over the world. That’s why video conference solutions are a must-have in the boardroom.

There are many new html-based VC systems available that are very affordable. These systems can make video calls and share desktop screens, enabling better collaboration. Logitech has many affordable and easy installation options to choose from.

4. Sound System

While we’re on the subject of audio, your clients’ boardrooms need a sound system that can match their high-quality visuals. Make it a rule that if they have 4K displays (or near 4K) they should have 4K sound. It’s perhaps even more important to emphasize 4K speakers because video conference visuals will mean nothing if you can’t hear what anyone’s saying.

You’ll want to recommend the installation of a few microphones as well to ensure that anyone video conferencing with your clients can hear them no matter what.

There are many other business-specific sound solutions that your clients might want to invest in as well, like sound masking systems that keep conference matters private when they need to be.

5. Wireless Presentation Solution

The great thing about living in the age of AV over IP is that there are wireless presentation solutions to accommodate the status quo of the bring-your-own-device environment. Clients will need (and want) wireless capabilities for their boardrooms to avoid having a costly (not to mention unsightly) tangle of ports and wires to deal with.

Together, these five components will create a rock-solid boardroom for your clients. So, make sure you can find and hire technicians who can get the job done!


Paul Weatherhead

Paul Weatherhead

Prior to founding AV Junction Inc., Paul worked for a tier one AV systems integrator in an operational management capacity for 10 years. His knowledge and experience have helped him oversee hundreds of system integration projects in a variety of industries. Paul’s leadership skills as matched by his sense of humour and easygoing nature. When he’s not at work, you can find him outdoors, exploring new places or spending time with family and friends.

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