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Posted by: Paul Weatherhead



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Now that we’re done mooning over emotional figure skater performances and feeling awe for the physical prowess of all the athletes at the PyeongChang Olympics, we should take a closer look at the AV technology that made the event so impactful.

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Panasonic, the “Official AV Ceremony Partner” worldwide for the Olympic Games for over 30 years, achieved AV solutions that are a case study in proficient installation. South Korean distributors Soundus also facilitated top-notch audio solutions for the figure skating venue, helping to make the Olympics an unforgettable experience.

Let’s explore how AV innovation is more relevant than ever after the next-gen technology displayed (and heard) at the Games.

Amplifying Excitement and Engagement

Without the power of AV, the Olympics broadcasting and the means to amplify the excitement and engagement of both the spectators and athleteswouldn’t have been possible.

Panasonic provided approximately 82 units of its first high-brightness 30,000-lumen laser projectors for its large outdoor LED displays, 27,000-lumen projectors for 8K displays in the theatre, and a new broad line-array RAMSA speaker system for four Olympic venues: ski jumping, snowboarding, Yongpyong Alpine skiing and Gangneung Olympic Park. The Olympic partner also adopted a multi-video distributionsystem that would be the trial run for the 2020 Olympics in their home country of Japan.

Soundus did their part by designing and providing the Python-KP52 line array audio systemspecifically for the Gangneung Ice Arena.

Between incredible life-like displays and optimal acoustics to bolster the awe-inspiring atmosphere, Panasonic delivered a complete AV solution that ensured all spectators of the Olympics had optimal coverage of the event.

Behind-the-Scenes Expertise

The AV solutions offered by Panasonic and Soundus weren’t just the result of their high-quality tech, of course. Panasonic’s operators and maintenance crew were onsite throughout the Olympics, ensuring that services remained in top shape right up to the closing ceremony. Soundus worked with Olympic organizers to realize a proficient indoor audio solution that wouldn’t obstruct spectators’ views of the arena.

Panasonic’s President Kazuhiro Tsugashares the same goals as their partner, with International Olympics Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach stating that both organizations are “for better life and for a better world” through AV and sports. To that end, the success of the PyeongChang Olympics showcases the importance of customer communication for AV project managers.

Optimal Infrastructure

The other triumph of Panasonic and Soundus’ AV technology was how thorough thesolution was in its infrastructure. Large crowds both inside and outside the arena could always access coverage of the different venues for the events, and Panasonic made sure to provide enough security cameras in public areas to boost the safety of spectators and athletes.

Soundus’ solution was conscious of the challenges of installing a speaker system that would be capable of delivering high-quality audio in a closelyspaced arena. That’s why they made the critical decision to harness Pure Array Technologyso there were no crossover points that could compromise the acoustics. They installed a system of 56line arrays horizontally throughout the bleachers, accomplishing uniform audio that was heard by all spectators from the front row to the very back of the arena.

Both Panasonic and Soundus were capable of gold-standard AV because they were knowledgeable of their client’s wants and needs, designed and implemented services to order, and challenged themselves to provide total coverage of the Olympics.

The 2018 Olympics will go down in history as one of the most memorable due to its stunning opening and closing ceremonies, its crystal-clear images of the events, and its true-to-life audio coverage that thrilled spectators and motivated athletes to be fully engaged with the Games. AV project managers take notes, Panasonic and Soundus’ solutions set the bar high!


Paul Weatherhead

Paul Weatherhead

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