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5 Skills to Look for in a Great Audio and Video Technician Resume

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Landing top talent in the AV marketplace these days can feel like a cross between looking for a needle in a haystack and a mad dash to reach the same candidates other companies are searching for. How do you find and hire freelancers who boast that rarity: a genuinely great audio and video technician resume?

It’s not as tricky as it might seem at the outset. The key is having a list of must-have skills in mind when you’re searching for viable candidates. The five skills we list below are all ones that define proficient candidates’ resumes. Read on and learn how to discern a great audio and video technician resume.

1. Clear Communication

This is a skill that can both be listed and demonstrated in a great resume, which saves you time even at a glance. Strong communication skills have always been important to AV work, especially since AV companies are hiring and implementing solutions for a global market these days.

The upside of the gig economy is that it’s the new normal, which means remote freelancing and the international talent pools can protect your company from slow periods. The downside, however, is that you’ll be heavily dependent on whether your freelancers will carry through on their onsite work. Not to mention, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive regular updates of milestone work.

When you scan an audio and video technician resume, you should first notice whether the candidate demonstrates effective and concise communication. If you can gather the key details of their job experience from just a couple glances, this skill is definitely in evidence.

2. Industry-Standard Tech Certifications

A great audio and video technician resume will have at least a few certifications for industry-standard tech, like Extron, Crestron, and AVIXA CTS. An AV technician must be adaptable to the fast-pace of the industry and an active learner of the frequently used brand name components in the field. Depending on what markets your company is designing systems for, you’ll need to know that the candidates you’re hiring are familiar with a range of technologies.

Many AV certifications can be earned through rigorous online programs. These programs often offer digital badges that you can notice straightaway on a resume.

3. Design Thinking

Great AV technicians are methodical and tech savvy, but they’re also design thinkers who give equal attention to creative problem solving and collaborative iteration. Design thinking is what will deliver not just competent AV projects but innovative ones your clients will recommend your company for.

Check your candidates’ resumes for design thinking but also look for innovative projects in their experience section.

4. Professional Customer Service

This skill is essential for a great partnership with a technician. You need your AV technicians to show up onsite on time and conduct themselves in a professional manner with clients. There will be many projects you will complete that take place in client-occupied spaces (especially if you’re delivering corporate or commercial solutions). Do you want your company brand to be known for employing rude and disrespectful technicians?

While professional customer service is a skill that will also need to be assessed during an interview, see if technicians feel confident enough to list this skill on their resumes.

5. Organization

This last skill is what will keep your projects on track. Organization is needed for all stages of an AV project including, but not limited to:

  • Team building
  • Keeping tools and system components sorted
  • Time management
  • Project document administration (including work orders and invoicing)

An AV resume that lists this skill along with the other four above will give you a complete image of a proficient candidate.