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Whether you’re an AV technician, programmer, design engineer, or drafter, not knowing where your next job will be can be stressful. You’re a skilled worker, but breaking into the AV industry and building a strong reputation is challenging.

Search a wide variety of job postings by skill and location and bid on multiple postings at a time.

Gain the freedom of working on projects that excite you. Find your next AV project today.

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Do you have the skills and experience AV companies could use on their next AV projects? Showcase your skills, experience, and hard-earned certifications to an AV-specific audience. Show the AV industry what you can really do, and let the work come to you.

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Get More Work

Gain access to a large listing of short-term AV job postings and increase your workload. Easily search for the jobs you want, based on skill, industry sector, and type. Apply for more work, choose the projects you want, and earn more money. If AV companies like your work, they’ll give you high ratings and positive feedback, which will boost your attractiveness to other potential companies.

Want to travel? Search for work outside of your local area. Don’t hold yourself back from work opportunities. Explore possibilities in different countries where AV companies need your specific skills.

Ensure Fair Pay & Reduce Risks

Negotiate price and payment structure with the AV company so you get paid fairly. Use our quoting tool to enter in your desired amount. If you need to do extra work on a project, but it’s out of scope, simply message the AV company and a change order will be created. Ensure you get paid for any extra work.

Reduce the risks of delayed payments or not getting paid at all. Every time you get hired on the AV Junction, a work order contract is created and payment terms are set. Avoid serious financial risks due to miscommunication.

Simplify the Process

Focus less on admin and more on the work you enjoy. Save time searching for jobs by using an AV industry-specific platform. Manage all your jobs on the job dashboard and have complete visibility in one central place.

Updating the AV company is easy with the AV Junction’s built-in progress tool. Send daily reports through the messaging portal specific to your work order. These reports provide proof of work completed in case of any disputes with payment. Quickly upload pictures and let the AV company know when you’ve arrived on site with the check-in tool.

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