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Find Top Freelancers Anywhere

Find the best freelancers in the industry for all your projects. Search for the top AV freelancers to get quality choices. Whether local or international, we have you covered! With newfound international reach, you'll gain confidence to expand your markets and provide more coverage to your clients.

Trust you are hiring the best. View a showcase of the top AV freelancers to get quality choices. Easily review certifications, skills, experience, and ratings.

Get Fair Quotes

Negotiate fixed or hourly contracts with ease. Review several quotes at the same time. Save on costs and energy fighting the unknown. Find freelancers who want to work the way you like to work.

Create Work Orders & Stay Up to Date

Work orders can be a real hassle sometimes, so we’ve made it easy. We create simple work order contracts and the ability to set payment terms for every hire so you can get all the benefits with limited risks.

Stop chasing freelance technicians to determine their progress. Get better client updates and see progress pictures of your jobs. Use our freelancer check-in feature to monitor on-site attendance and continually stay in the know.

Approve Payments

All freelance applicants are set up through a single system for secure payments with multi-currency support. Payments can be made in a single click. Attract the best freelancers by showing you adhere to the “guaranteed payment for guaranteed milestone achieved” practice.

With our specialist payment-approval feature, you can easily manage payments against milestones and avoid double payments, disputes, and mistakes. Plus, you can lower irregular costs with easy-to-implement change orders.

Rating System

Both AV freelancers and AV companies agree to a terms of service and code of conduct based upon industry standard best practices to ensure smooth and successful project implementation.

AV companies and freelancers rate each other after every job. Ratings reports are required from both parties to ensure high-quality service.

Maintain Records

Stop struggling to remember which freelancers you’ve hired. Maintain a clear record of which person did which project. Favorite freelancers for potential future projects!

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