With over a decade of hands-on operational experience at a leading audiovisual company, the founders of the AV Junction know a thing or two about implementing projects.

We understand many of the headaches and inconveniences that go along with finding, hiring, and managing AV freelance technicians, let alone executing complex AV projects on time and on budget.

We know these challenges can be stressful. In some cases, they can lead to budget overruns, and worst of all, an unpleasant customer experience.

The AV Junction is here to help. Our specialty is connecting the best AV freelancers with the most reputable AV companies in the world.

Our platform takes away the hassles involved with hiring freelancers. We make it simple to find the right freelancer and create a customized work order contract, and we provide an environment to easily manage your freelancers and approve payments.

Our goal is to implement structure and increase standards within the AV industry, benefiting both AV companies and freelancers.